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The Freeze Fix Experience


Our guests are greeted by a Freeze Fix Specialist, who helps create a guest account which contains basic information, waiver, and a short medical history review. This can be done before an appointment to speed up the already quick process.


The guest is shown to a private dressing room, where they remove their outer garments and put on Freeze Fix robe, socks and gloves. Your body must be dry prior to treatment.


Once changed, the guest steps out of the dressing room and will be ready for their freeze.


The WBC emits a nitrogen mist and is cooled to the guests’ temperature preference (ranging between -160 °F and -260°F), all together creating a consistent, ambient temperature during the two-half to three minute session.


When the treatment ends, you’ll head back to your changing room, put your clothes back on be ready to enjoy feeling all of the benefits cryotherapy has to offer.