Freeze Fixer of the Month

I wanted to try Freeze Fix as a means to help supplement other activities to help my attempts to stay in shape and minimize back pains. I had read about the new technology and that many top athletes had begun using Cryotherapy.
My back pain has been reduced greatly, and every day when i leave i can feel a significant noticeable improvement with reduction in pain and improved range of movement / flexibility. In addition i have noticed that i have an immediate increase in energy level and sleep soundly that night. It is only a 3 minute session in the chamber so I have found it to be easily the most beneficial 3 minutes anyone can take in an effort to take care of their body and general health.

Freeze Fix is great, I have really enjoyed becoming a regular, if not a daily customer / visitor to their treatment center. I am always happy to see their helpful and friendly staff. My wife now will join as she enjoys the benefits as well. I have shared my belief and enjoyment in the treatment / process with many referrals to friends and my clients. All have enjoyed their experience and the results!