Cryo Toning Facial

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Got 10 minutes???


Fastest non-invasive ( keep your make-up on) facial ever!


Tighten skin, reduce inflammation and puffiness, minimize pore size, and increase collagen production.


The Cryo Toning Facial will immediately tighten the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles in your face. Cryo Facials increase the production of collagen in the face to organically tighten skin.


With continuous applications, the collagen benefit becomes more and more apparent, making the skin look younger and clearer. With Cryo Toning Facials, there is no surgery, down time, or pain associated with the treatment. Within fifteen minutes of having the treatment you will feel rejuvenated and healthy.


As well as tightening the skin, pore size will be reduced which keeps dirt out clearing the skin. This treatment will flush away built up toxins in the skin and helps reduce inflammation to eliminates puffiness.


Cryo Toning Facial uses the same technology as Whole Body Cryo Therapy by using a quick chill to the skins surface at roughly -35°F.


Just like Whole Body Cryotherapy , it is recommended to do Cryo Facials with a higher frequency when you first start. Ideally in the first month, for the best results, we recommend doing Cryo Facials 3 times per week. After one or two months you can transition to a maintenance program of coming in weekly or bi-monthly.


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